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Saxon Math
Saxon Math is a great program for learning math well and keeping the concepts fresh in mind. Finding older books are necessary to stay away from common core compliance.
Younger k-3 Saxon math is not recommended. Saxon math, beginning with Math 54 is good.
Teaching editions are only necessary when parents need help understanding the concepts.
Saxon math placement test:

  • The Math Intermediate series is in alignment with the Common Core Standards. We suggest the older Saxxon books that are not aligned with Common Core.
  • The program allows the student to move at their own pace.
  • Those who prefer a more natural/organic method to teaching, may not enjoy the program.
  • Success will depend on whether or not this learning style is a good fit.
  • Memorization of rules and math facts, rather than hands-on or conceptual.
  • Strong in teaching thinking skills.
  • Good for those who may not need or enjoy the use of manipulatives (objects).
  • Have to purchase a manipulative kit as well for younger grades. A positive is that the manipulatives can be used for all levels.
  • Program is repetitive and thorough
  • Support videos available online from “Nicole the math Lady”
  • Require very little preparation time, especially in 5/4 and up.
  • Materials are a non-consumable student textbook, answer key, or solutions manual and tests with answer keys.
  • No teacher’s edition is necessary if parents understand the concepts well in case their students need extra explanation. Students are taught to work through lessons independently but some help is important.
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Singapore Math
Singapore Math presents each math concept in
three stages.
  • Hands-on objects
  • Pictures
  • Written symbols
The goal is that children will develop a solid conceptual understanding of math. Children will be able to understand how to solve math equations, as well as why the procedures work.

  • Lesson guides are not scripted for parents.
  • Mastery doesn’t provide as much variety as the spiral method used by Saxon.
  • The mental math instructions may overwhelm some. Sufficient time reading the Home Instructor’s Guides may be necessary to help parents understand how to teach strategies.
  • More word problems than other comparable programs.
  • Manipulatives (objects) are not included in the price of the program.
  • Singapore math programs do not continue beyond Grade 8.
  • Students may move onto Geometry and Algebra 2 using this program.
  • Singapore has consistently ranked at the top in international math testing for decades.
  • Mental math helps kids build a strong number sense.
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A list of resources that includes materials, blackline masters, eBooks, videos and more:

Placement Tests are available

US History

Proclaim Liberty - NCCS

Forgotten American Stories - Lydia Nuttall
  • Only 12 lessons but have specifics for each grade level

1776 History Curriculum from Hillsdale


Teaching Self Government

  • Wealth of beautiful uplifting resources and knowledge


GUM curriculum - ESL

Elementary Science-Young Explorer Series
Middle School Science-Exploring Creation with General and Physical Science

High School Science--Exploring Creation with
  • Biology
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Marine Biology
  • Advanced Biology
  • High School Astronomy
  • Advanced Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Apologia Science: team of specialists that have MD, Ph.D., Masters degrees.  Doctors, nurses, engineers, professors, and researchers in field of study.  
  • Factually correct & current information. 
  • Hands-on Component--easy to do in home school setting
    • Experiments that use common items around the house. 
      • Controlled--formulating a hypothesis and collect data
      • Descriptive--microscopy, field study, dissections teach about qualitative observations. 
    • Inductive and deductive problem-solving skills, understand the limitations of data.
  • Trusted in homeschool community--#1 in homeschool community for over 11 years.
  • Curriculum helps various learning styles--independent, auditory, visual, tactile, social learners, interactive
  • Christian-based

Foreign Language 
  • Best course is to find a neighbor who speaks a language
  • Online programs don’t work really well

  • Neighbors and many local organizations
  • Always vet


Fallacy Detective
A good beginner logic book. It shows the reader how to recognize when an argument is logical or not. Easy to read along with your students.
Bathwater Brigade
A novel about a group of college students who are disagreeing on policy. It teaches good principles of how to find common ground. Promotes peacefully discussing different viewpoints rather than shutting the other side down.

Special Needs 
  • Used for boys with ADHD and anxiety